Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Make a gift to support public education on how to protect our watershed to honor your Valentine

Although you might not connect Valentine's Day with watershed protection, there are few things more precious than clean water. Every day the Center works to help communities and local governments fight pollution and the impacts of development and apply best practices to keep their watersheds healthy and functioning. We offer our top ten list of things each person can do to practice watershed stewardship. In each case, the Center provides the science and practical solutions to help people accomplish those steps.    
Please consider making a donation to the Center for Watershed Protection this Valentine's Day to help restore and protect your favorite waterways.  Even a small contribution provides vital unrestricted support. You can dedicate your contribution to someone you love.    


P.S.  Please take a couple minutes to tell us about your favorite watershed, where it is and why it matters to you. Whether it is in pristine or diminished condition, we would like to know and share with others. By making our watersheds come to life in words, perhaps we can inspire others to care about them like we do. 

Given all the requests you receive, thank you for considering our's.

Happy Valentine's Day,

Hye Yeong Kwon
Executive Director     
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Member of the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance. The Center has met the 20 rigorous standards in organizational accountability for charities.

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