Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Dear Little Rock friends and folks who might forward this info on to Little Rock friends of their own----

Your   water quality is being put in jeopardy by this decision of the Central Arkansas Water Commission,  and you need to do something about it.  EVERY one of you, IF, of course, you have any interest at all in what you put in your mouth and body.   


These links should be forwarded to everyone you know  that drinks water in Little Rock.  

This "political compromise"  by the Central Arkansas Water Commission is clearly one of the most stupid decisions possible in regard to water protection.    If enough people call, write, and/or show up at the final decision making meeting(s), your right to clean water might have a better chance.  The problem in not taking this personally and not acting on this issue is that no one knows what is "enough," when it comes to influencing the outcome of a vote by a governmental body, therefore everyone needs to voice  their opinions.   OR just show up and clap or give a hurrah when someone speaks for the watershed's protection.  Don't take this "political compromise" of your health lying down.

Below are a couple of links to a great site about New York City's watershed.  It is protected by forests, not eroding sediment into the water supply from subdivisions and roads, and it serves millions of people with relatively clean water. The water is tested constantly, and their watershed is understood as a filter and purifier, the total opposite of what the lame brains in central Ark are doing. 

"The success of the program is one of the main reasons why New York City remains one of only five large cities in the United States that is not required to filter its drinking water."

Should you want anything less for your body, your city, and your state than what New York provides its citizens?
Get out there and fight these folks, for heavens' sake!