Friday, March 22, 2013

World Water Day

A couple days ago, I awoke to the news of a major water main break in my neighborhood — which meant restricted water use for up to a week! Fortunately, we haven't had to boil our water during that time, but it made me appreciate something that I tend to take for granted: the fact that I can get all the clean, fresh water I want, anytime I open my tap.

Tell us: how is water meaningful in your life?

Today is World Water Day, and we should all take time to reflect on this essential and often under-appreciated resource. For many people around the world, safe water is not so easy to access. Millions lack access to the basic infrastructure that provides clean water. Even here in the United States, water is not guaranteed: contamination by fracking, aging infrastructure, and abuses by private water companies are all challenges that hurt people's ability to get safe, clean, affordable drinking water. With climate change-induced drought as an ever-present danger, the challenges facing our water will undoubtedly get worse in years to come.

Here are three easy ways to get involved in World Water Day:

1. Tell us a story about why water matters to you. We'll share quotes from supporters like you on Twitter throughout the day. Follow us to see why others value their water.

2. Celebrate your safe, clean water by ditching your bottled water habit. We've got all the resources you need to tell how clean your tap water is, how to choose a water filter, and more.

3. Spread the word by forwarding this email to a friend.

We've noticed this year that a number of big corporations, including Monsanto and Nestlé, are trying to cash in on World Water Day by making themselves look green. But we know that water is one of our most essential resources, and it belongs to the people, not to big business. Help us celebrate the right way by spreading the word.

Thanks for taking action,

Jo Miles
Online Organizer
Food & Water Watch
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