Friday, June 17, 2011

Video and still photos of interest to watershed warriors and native-plant enthusiasts

 Aubunique You Tube Channel
 Frou's workday video from Frisco Trail
Frou's video from Karen's Garden.

The list below includes items
Aubrey's sets of photos on Flickr at this link. At the bottom of the page, one has to click to see second and third pages of sets. Many sets have material of interest to people involved in the work of the Tree and Landscape committee, Environmental Action Committee, etc.
I have had authorization to post video longer than 15 minutes on You Tube for only a few months. So I am gradually catching up by posting old pieces that were not allowed in the past. Uploading video is a slow process.

Tree Landscape invasive pulling day at Frisco Trail still photos at bottom of Tanglewood Branch watershed set on flickr.
Still photos of Karen Rollet-Crocker native-plant garden presentation
June 8 2011 Tree Landscape meeting at this link.
May 11, 2011 Tree Landscape meeting at this link.
March 9 2011 Tree Landscape meeting at this link.
March 2011 Tree Landscape Cindi Cope and Nancy Varvil at the Library on biodiversity
Dr. Steinkraus at the Fayetteville library
Aub at Tree Landscape meeting WPWP
Aub at Nov. 10, 2011, Tree Landscape use gov channel, public accessAub at Tree Landscape city needs wetland delineator
Aubrey James Shepherd

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