Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trail planning continues through one of Fayetteville's most impaired urban stream corridors

Please click on image to ENLARGE aerial view from Fayetteville, Arkansas, GIS mapping system of Tanglewood Branch at Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The city trail-planning team visited with the owners of the Agricultural Co-op about how to take the Frisco that runs along the old railroad right of way from downtown Fayetteville past the district and directly through the co-op's property. The most scenic way to cross the Tanglewood Branch south of MLK would be on the abandoned trestle but the easiest way would be along the south side of MLK. Both sides of Tanglewood Branch have parking areas right to the streamside with no protected riparian zone beyond the lip of the stream bank. Even under the proposed streamside ordinance being considered by the Fayetteville City Council, the owners of the land would not be required to remove existing structures unless a totally new project were to be built on the land. However, the Co-op's plan to add a fuel storage tank on the property has presented the opportunity for the trail right of way to be obtained by the city.
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